The New Google Search Appliance – A Bridge to the Cloud

In the last year, businesses have started using cloud-based applications from Google and other technology providers at an accelerated rate. While many organizations still have information that resides in on-premise systems, more and more important business information today is living in the cloud, in collaborative tools like Google Apps—now used by more than 3 million businesses — and services like Twitter. Starting today, Cloud Connect for the Google Search Appliance lets workers search across both on-premise and cloud-based content from a single search box, delivering more comprehensive results and improving productivity. We’ve also added a few other handy features that make it easier to collaborate and find information faster.

Cloud Connect for the Google Search Appliance

Cloud Connect displays relevant, personalized results from Google Docs and Google Sites alongside results from more traditional repositories, like file shares and content management systems. Easier access to collaborative documents, spreadsheets, presentations and sites with Cloud Connect speeds up how quickly coworkers can complete projects. Cloud Connect also lets users search content from Twitter, as well as blogs and industry websites via Google Site Search.

For organizations such as Delta Hotels and Avago that have already deployed both Google Apps and the Google Search Appliance, the new Cloud Connect feature brings “universal search” to another level, with more accessible business systems and content now spanning from cloud to ground.


People Search

This new version also helps foster faster collaboration between employees with the addition of People Search, which makes it easy to find experts and contact coworkers who are related to a search query, right from the search results page. For example, a search for “field marketing” would return a list of field marketing team members alongside other relevant content. Organizations can index personnel information like department, interests, expertise and location, and there’s an LDAP connector to help get People Search up and running quickly.

Dynamic Navigation and More

Our new Dynamic Navigation feature allows users to drill down into search results based on search modifiers for their queries, and Active-Active Mirroring improves reliability by spreading search traffic across multiple boxes. Dynamic Navigation was a top user request and we’re glad to be able to add it. In addition, the Search Appliance now supports Microsoft Sharepoint 2010 content out of the box without the need for additional connectors.

As you move your business to the cloud, the Google Search Appliance’s new features can be an important bridge between on-premise and cloud-based systems, while enhancing employee collaboration.


Mental And Physical Exertion Ensure Skin Tightening In Several Age Groups Of Individuals

A growing number of websites compete to be among the top listings in-the search results. This position gives a greater possibility to them of getting more customers compared with less rank. Web entrepreneurs use a few instruments to accomplish high ratings, probably one of the most critical though the others don’t know, is keyword study. There are various tactics for refining a website to own large search rankings. But because most visits to your site begin with a search engine press, optimizing a site for the best key words is actually essential.

This is why keyword research is so crucial, right? It’s important you will be able to target all related keyword phrases to be able to be on the list of top position internet sites. You just cant afford to think the keywords usually explored by people, or else youll see your firms slowly falling down. Searching for the right key words for your websites doesnt just take a day or two. It would sometimes take a week or more. If this is so, just how can active people maintain or raise the ranks of the sites. Yes, probably it may be done, but how sure that it’s done systematically and professionally? Employing a brand new worker to complete this can also be high priced for a company particularly if it is just starting.

Skin Tightening11

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Solar Energy Advantages That Will Change Your Life

The words solar energy are used very often in the world we live in today, and for very good reason.

As you are about to learn, numerous solar energy advantagesexist, all helping to reduce fossil fuel pollution that ends up in the atmosphere. With so many benefits to switching from conventional power to solar power, we see a growing number of people making a change. The good news is that switching to solar power is affordable and extremely easy simply by knowing how.

As you will discover, the list of solar energy advantages is long, which makes the decision to change from conventional electricity easier. One thing that many people do not realize is that in many third world countries, solar energy has been used for a very long time.

More than anything this is because it conserves costly conventional power for urban areas, town market centers, and for industrial and commercial uses.


One of the benefits is the positive effect on the environment. Fossil fuels emit dangerous toxins into the air, which leads to global warming and the greenhouse effect but renewable energy does not. Instead of breathing in harmful toxins found in the air, using an all-natural resource such as solar power lowers risk. After all, solar energy creates no pollution, just usable energy.

Another solar energy advantage has to do with education. Look at it this way, if information regarding solar power could be introduced to people living in remote areas, both nationally and internationally, especially in third-world countries, then more people would know they have a means of electricity, which would then offer a way to run lights.

These lights coming from wind or solar power would then give educators more hours in the day to help children learn to read and write.

To accomplish this, all you need is to visit websites such as earth4energy where you will find information about solar power kits. These kits all work off the same concept of utilizing natural resources although kits are made slightly different. However, kits are all-inclusive, which means everything you need to build your own solar power system comes with the kit to include tools and materials.

If you are interested and want to make the intelligent move and switch to solar energy, the first thing that you will want to do is get yourself a solar energy kit. This kit will include all the tools and materials that you need to get started and to better understand how you are going to capture the energy from the sun and turn it into solar energy.

It is important that you make comparisons for several different solar energy kits in that they all work somewhat differently. These kits would allow you to make solar power so you have a more affordable and cleaner solution for power but depending. To learn more, you can check out the information at Earth 4 Energy, choosing the type of renewable and permanent solution that works best for you.


Artificial Trees Could Help Improve the Environment

There are always new things that we read in the news and we sit there pondering about whether or not we agree or disagree with the statement being made. Something that has got quite a few people talking is the introduction of artificial trees and now engineers are saying that a complete forest of artificial trees could be up and running in just 10-20 years. This is great news for environmentalists, as the carbon emissions will be significantly reduced.

Its no secret that cars and multiple other assets we own are big carbon polluters, and the situation is only going to get worse. Doing something about it though is a different matter and not everyone is willing to make a change or even discuss potentially feasible options in reducing the carbon emissions. Now might be a good time to consider artificial trees, as they help the environment and it means people don’t have to drastically change their lifestyle. All they have to do is embrace the idea of artificial trees.


Then you have to ask yourself, is anyone actually going to buy artificial trees to put in their garden? It is fair to say that some people simply won’t entertain the idea as it looks unnatural. Equally, there will no doubt be some people that are desperate for artificial trees in their gardens because they are sick of clearing up leaves etc. There is no mistaking our nation as the capital of convenience, and so artificial trees will definitely appeal to those looking for a quick and easy solution.

As a gardening enthusiast, I advocate the introduction of artificial trees and believe the new forest full of them could prove to be the best thing yet as a way to combat climate change. Obviously, we don’t want tacky plastic trees, but there are artificial trees out there today that are very lifelike, just without the fuss. We should all take more of an interest in the environment to ensure that it we are doing our bit to help, and artificial trees are a great way to start.